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Stars and stripes.
Stars and stipes

The graphic designs and primary colours of national flags have often appeared in successful paintings. Famous artists have repeatedly worked on this theme. So, when the flag of the USA made its way into my art room at school, it didn’t come as a surprise. With the coverage in the media, the kids at school found Barack Obama’s presidency campaign and election intriguing. One morning they simply brought him along to school.

Barack Obama proudly holding the star spangled banner in his hand by a seven year old French boy.

In this drawing made with felt-tipped pens on an ordinary A4 sheet of brown paper, Barack Obama is proudly holding the star spangled banner in his hand.

In this drawing by a seven year old girl, she used original colours to draw her subtle flag.

In these representations by children of all ages, they express their enthusiasm for the new president of the United States of America.

Pink is made from a mixture of red and white.

In this oil pastel drawing by a seven year old boy, he started out with a lot of enthusiasm. He then discovered pink. Yes, it was an accident but he kept going. By the time he came to his next white stripe, he had learned his lesson. He persevered right to the end of his drawing though when he had finished, he was exhausted.

I took a box of my old oil pastels to school one day.

I never give a child a pre-drawn flag to colour in. We found a little representation of the US flag in our dictionary and each child set about enlarging it in her own personal way.

The stars and stripes.

The children had a lot of fun practicing their counting and working out how to place the many stars. I let them get on with it.

The stars and stripes painted with left over poster paint.

And here it is, our star-spangled achievement, snuggled up against the drawings of the Union Jack in the back ground.