A personal Paris portfolio of drawings ‘Made in France’

Yesterday, the whole of Paris seemed to be enjoying the Jardin de

Luxembourg in the spring sunshine. I was curious to see if the

coulour of the chairs had changed since the early 80’s when I first drew

them as a fille au pair. There was nobody else there on the

freezing day I did these drawings, but the chairs seemed to be having a

conversation as though they were human beings.

I can remember thanks to these drawings that I was using a ‘mixed media’

technique picked up at art school in Cape Town. But the materials I was

using had been brought to Paris after buying them second hand from an

artist friend who was leaving London. The drawing was first loosely mapped

out with a light gray felt tipped pen and then outlined with pencil and

coloured in pencil crayon.

The colour of the chairs in my drawings is a washed out verdigris.

Nowadays they are a light olive green, the colour of an exquisitely chic 

pea soup.

The thing I still like about these drawings is that I think, if you look

really carefully, you can see that I didn’t do them from photographs.

Paris is such an inspiring place to be.